Triangle's Top Gun FAQ's

  1. "Does my team have to have Top Gun insurance?"
  2. "All teams must be insured - NO EXCEPTIONS, however teams are not forced to purchase Top Gun insurance although our prices are very competitive."

  1. "I want to register my team with Top Gun, what do I have to do?"
  2. "In order to play in a Top Gun sanctioned event, your team must be registered through Play Top Gun Sports. This is done at www.playtopgunsports.com. On the top right, there is a link to register and create your account. After filling out all required information, click on Submit. (Be sure to write down your username and password and keep it in a safe place). You will then be given the option to log in for the first time. Once logged in, click on Maintain Teams & Rosters -> Add Team. After filling out your team information, click Save. Once the team has been created, click on the Players button and add each athlete to your online roster. The system should prompt you to pay your annual sanction fee of $60 during this registration process. You can also click on the Store Front link on the main menu to pay for your sanction fee."

  1. "Can a player be on 2 rosters?"
  2. "The short answer is YES, however the athlete can only play on one (1) team per weekend event. The first team the athlete plays on for that particular weekend, he/she is locked to that team for the remainder of the weekend."

  1. "I have player conflicts, can I request not to play at a certain time?"
  2. "Yes. All special requests must go through our website. When you login, there is a 'Schedule Request' button beside each weekend you are registered to play. Just click the button and enter your request. Requests are not always guaranteed to be granted, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests on a first come first serve basis."

  1. "How do I sign my team up to play in a Triangle Top Gun Sports Tournament?"
  2. "Tournament registration requires all teams to sign up through our corporate site. This is done at www.playtopgunsports.com."

  1. "When is the payment deadline?"
  2. "Payment must be collected prior to your teams first game starting. Teams have the option of paying online prior to the event and also bringing payment to the venue and given to the site director."

  1. "Is there a Gate Fee and how can I pay it?"
  2. "Every baseball event has a gate fee, either a team gate or a per person entrance fee. Currently due to COVID restrictions, a team gate of $150 per team per day is due before your first game. Teams will not be allowed to take the field until this fee has been paid in full."

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